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Buffalo Meat
Cooking Tips
Buffalo Groves, Inc. ~ America's Source for Buffalo Meat ~ 303-621-1111
Buffalo Meat is very lean so please take care not to overcook your buffalo meals.

Substitute buffalo meat for beef, it's perfectly okay! You can make burgers, steaks, roasts, tacos, meatloaf, chili, stew, ribs, enchiladas, kabobs, and the list goes on!

Ground Buffalo Meat is without the traditional fat you find in a ground beef, so it can be overcooked quickly if you cook it like beef... so we recommend, for hamburgers moving your BBQ or broiler rack one more level away from the heat, turn down the heat please, and when you flip 'em don't squish 'em! Your burgers are done when they are medium and not more than medium well. (Hint, the thicker your burgers, the juicier they will be. Our preference is 1/3 lb. burgers, they are thicker and juicier, yet not too big so they are under or over cooked.)

Buffalo Steaks are also very lean and will be done when rare to medium. Many enjoy steaks that have been marinated before cooking. Your buffalo steak should still be pink when done, or you have over-cooked it... So just remember to think pink.
       1" steaks 6-8 minutes rare ~ 10-12 minutes medium
       1 1/2" steaks 10-12 minutes rare ~ 14-18 minutes medium

Buffalo Roasts are great in the crock pot all day on the low temperature setting, or you can cook them in your oven on 200-225 for 6-8 hours. Either way, you will want to add some type of moisture to your roast while it is cooking. Try using either soup, broth, salsa, wine or water and your favorite spices, and if you can baste your roast occasionally. You can also season buffalo roasts like beef, just remember to cook them "Low & Slow!" (lower temperature & slow down the cooking time)

Use a Meat Thermometer to check your buffalo meat. This will help you to know when your meat is finished and prevent it from being overcooked.
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