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January 2013 - Anne Garrett-Beman, Unknown

How do you cook Buffalo Liver?.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: You can basically substitute it in any Beef Liver Recipe.

May 2012 - Wanda, VA

Your Question-Answer Page came up in my search engine and I was SOO HAPPY that a
truthful page came up! Thanks!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank You. We share as much information as we can and
make sure it is as accurate as possible.

October 2007 - Sparrowbush, NY

I just wanted to say that you have the most beautiful photos I have seen! And,
I especially enjoy the kids & dogs.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Marlene (& David) love to take photos (it's a bit of a
hobby). The buffalo are fun to photograph, the weather is awesome, and as you
pointed out, the dogs & kids are pretty cute too! So nice of you to email.

September 2007 - James - MO

Just read your story in Country Woman Magazine. Thanks so much for creating the
website for us to visit and get recipes and information.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Our website is the main way we reach people (across the world)
and help others learn about buffalo, buffalo ranching, and yes buffalo recipes.

August 2007 - Harrell - Denver, CO

Thank you for providing natural buffalo meat - the way it should be - without grain
& hormones!.We are enjoying the buffalo meat we bought from you!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: That's what we do. All Natural & 100% Grassfed! And,
there is a definate difference. So glad you appreciate it!

July 2007 - Thompson, Castle Rock, CO

We'd like to thank & comment you (&all beshind the scene)... all the details of
your service really are noticed & appreciated. Kudos to you all!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: WOW! We are blushing, and we sincerely appreciate your
feedback. We do try to give the type of service we like to get (when so often in
this day & age there is no service). And, it's just us, David & Marlene, running
family business.

June 2007 - Carlson, Denver, CO

Your Rib Eyes are the BEST we have ever tasted! Absolutely Outstanding!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: You're right! & our ribs eyes are Marlene's favorite steak!

May 2007 - NEBRASKA - HE WON!

A quick note to tell you our son won 1st Place and gets to go to State (in Lincoln)
Thanks for your help & info for his report!!!!!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: That's Great! We wish we could see it! Good Luck at State!

April 2007 - UTAH

You're a great resource for teachers visiting the museum & bison display.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks, Gale Center of History & Culture for all you do too!

March 2007 - Nebraska

Hello, just found your website and are thrilled with the info provided !!! My
son is doing a National History Day project on the historu of bison and wanted
to email you some questions.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Absolutely, have your son email us; we'd be glad to help.

February 2007 - Northwestern Univeristy

We are looking at grass feeding and have conducted several dozen interviews from grassfed
beef producers, several of whom suggest we speak with you. Your insights would be valuable,
would you be willing to talk to us.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Sure we can chat about the grassfed industry; and your references
to call us are likely related to Marlene spearheading the American Grassfed Association and
serving 3 years as President. But note: We are 100% grassfed buffalo (not beef).

January 2007 - John Muggy - NW Washington

For the past 13 years I have been teaching classes at our local schools on bison, as well as
local Ag classes and Vo Tech school. I would like to use your site as a link for further
information for kids and resourses.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Great that you are passionate about teaching folks about bison!
Love it! Go ahead link your website to ours, we are happy to spread the educational word
about buffalo!

December 2006 - Duncan & Cathy - Denver, CO

Hi guys, we are concerned about how the storm is affecting you. Hope you and the critters
(buffalo) are all making it through.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We have gotten dozens of calls & emails checking on us during the
storms. It's quite a winter; and the moisture is great. The buffs are fine; but the snow drifts
along the fence are very high. We've been bamboozled on many of our delivery days...
(snowed in big time). But all is well and we thank everyone for their their sincere thoughts.

November 2006 - K Butler -

Thank you so much. The package you sent for us was already delivered. You guys are awesome.
I look forward to doing business with you again in the future.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for your order. We appreciate your kind words about our
service. We are a small family business working hard to exceed our customers expectations.

October 2006 - T. Wiggins - Email

Do you sell T-Bones orPorterhouse steaks? Please let me know.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Sorry, we don't. Our customers prefer the standard steaks of Filets,
Rib Eyes, New Yorks and Top Sirloins. (T-Bones & Porterhouse steaks are very big and the trend
for steak portions is actually getting smaller.)

September 2006 - W. Small - Colorado

Thank you! You folks are great to deal with. It's nice to have a unique Colorado grown gift
to send to my out of state family.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: You are very welcome. It's our pleasure serving our Colorado
customers and helping them send Colorado Buffalo Meat to friends & family.

August 2006 - S. Fletcher - New York Girl Scout Troop 3716

My girls are very excited about working on a buffalo badge. They are going to be
hosting a Girl Scout event in Novemebr celebrating the Native American Month and your
program will help very much with the facts about buffalo. Thank You so much
for having such a program.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Glad to help your troop learn about buffalo! Enjoy the program
and enjoy your event in November!!! (ps - Marlene is a lifetime Girl Scout)

July 2006 - J. Mize - Gainesville, Florida

I'll be very glad when you have the complete nuitritional info for the specific cuts
of meat... which I cannot find at any other buffalo vendor's website.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We have many nutritional spreadsheets & reports to streamline,
but we will get them posted (probably this winter when Marlene has time for web programming).

June 2006 - Peter Duffin - Aurora, Ontatio, Canada

What a delight discovering a very professional website devoted to grassfed bison.
I am a firm beliver in grassfed products for health reasons (mine & the animals),
so I have no time to give to grain finished meats. I hope you don't mind me linking
to your website.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Feel free to link to our website, we are happy to help others
spread the grassfed story!

May 2006 - Karissa - National Park Service - Nebraska

Found your Bison Reader surfing the web. I'll use it as I regurlarly speak about
the buffalo in my line of duty.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Had to email back as there aren't too many folks with your name,
and it's the name of our youngest granddaughter. Enjoy the Bison Reader and sharing it
with the groups you educate!

April 2006 - Sue - Masters student at Meredith College NC

So far I can only find nutrient composition of bison meat at the website;
but I need specific information on the buffalo hump (& it's fats).

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We have full nutritional information for each cut of buffalo meat
we sell; and the information is for 100% grassfed buffalo meat (different from the USDA
data). We have tried to get our information posted for you and other consumers...
it's hard but we keep trying... We'd be hpapy to share the information you need.

March 2006 - V. Scott - Girl Scout Training Mgr.

Received word that another 101 girls from MO, KS, and OK completed the program. I just
wanted to keep you posted that folks from around the country are enjoying your hard

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for the update. We too share the program (via our Buffalo
Groves website, where it is downloaded several times per day all across the world.)

February 2006 - Hal - watches the Food Network

I have been looking for a supplier of Buffalo Meat, as the local meat is barely OK.
I placed an order and have read some of your recipes.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: The buffalo meat in "commerical grocery stores" comes from
commercially raised buffalo (fed grains in big feed lots); quite differnet from ours.

January 2006 - Linda S.

My 2nd order from BUffalo Groves and it was perfect again! Note the ground buffalo
from the local grocery store has 11 grams of fat... and yours only has 2 grams!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: The fat difference is that our buffalo meat is 100% grassfed.
And, thanks for the words of appreciation!

December 2005 - Greg - from Georgia

Can a buffalo be raised as a pet & become domesticated?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Buffalo are not domesticated and do not make pets (especially as
males will be up to 2500 lbs). We feel the most dangerour buffalo is a "friendly buffalo".

November 2005 - Randy - Internet Question

I know what grassfed is, but is feeding hay to bufalo the same as grassfed?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Good question. Grass hay, and other types of forages (not grains)
is still grassfed. We also like to draw a line that "grassfed" should not mean an animal
that is "fed grass/hay" in a "feedlot".

October 2005 - Farmer's Market Shopper

Do you sell Buffalo Mozzeralla or Buffalo Milk?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Nope!! And this is what we call Buffalo Question # 29...
Buffalo Mozzeralla is made from the milk of water buffaloes, and it was first made in Italy.
But when most American's think of Buffalo Mozzeralla, they think of the American Buffalo...
But this is of course not even a remote possibility since milking an Ameican Buffalo would
be just about impossible!! American Buffalo are not tame or domesticated; meaning you would
likely be badly injured or killed even trying to milk one; additionally buffalo udders are
very, very small (like wildlife, such as deer & elk), you really don't even see their udders.

September 2005 - Judy from Tenessee

I have a bison that shares pasture with sheep, llamas, horses & cattle. He looks thin & guant.
Does he need worning?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: YIKES! Buffalo should never share pastures with Sheep!
Nor should buffalo pastures be near sheep pastures. Sheep carry a "virus" that is "deadly
to bison".
Many buffalo producers have lost many buffalo (hundreds) because of this.
Washingon State University has the best information on MCF (Malignant Catteral Fever),
which bison get from the Sheep, from an OH2 (Ovine Herpes 2 Virus).Sorry for the bad news!

August 2005 - Margaret from Colorado

I would like to know if your buffalo meat is processed on equipment which also processes beef.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: What a great question - Thanks for asking! Our buffalo meat is
processed at a small USDA plant in Colorado. They have to follow certain guidelines, such as
cleaning equipment between processing orders (whether it's another buffalo or a beef order).
We are keenly aware that we do not want to mix any beef or any other bison meat to our product.
With that said we are very confident with our processing plant's proceedures to prevent this.

July 2005 - Alveta from Virginia

I failed to tell you how much I appreciated how you handled my order last Thanksgiving.
As you recal, my order was scheduled to arrive the Wed. before Thanksgiving - but without
thinking I did not realize my apartment package room was closing early. You called me,
(which I found to be incredible) & gave me the tracking status of my order, which was then
delivered that evening, still frozen solid and in perfect condition! Thank you so much
for your due diligence; it was well beyond what I could ever ask for!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Alevta, you are thoughtful to write to us. Thank you very much.
When we ship our grassfed bison meat (a perishable product), we do track it. We appreciate
your business (& our other out-of-state customers), and are glad you are pleased with the
product & our service! Thank you again for writing to us!

June 2005 - Richard, Orange Park, Florida

Everything on your site is fine but the ordering part. I spent 20 minutes trying to figure
it out and I am quite familiar with internet ordering. Sorry!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We thank you for your honest input, and acknowledge we have a very
small shopping cart without many of the bells & whisltes you get from a big business. We
are investigating "other shopping carts" through our web provider; which is a a challenge;
but we hope to be able to change & improve and add to our shopping cart sometime this year.
In the meantime - Our appologies! NOTE: We've been posting web comments since July 2001,
and up until now we've only been able to share favorable comments (since that was all we've
received). We do appreciate the input on where we can improve!!!

May 2005 - Russell Dion, Denver, Colo

I found you guys a few months ago and am now a current customer who loves your products and
your delivery service. We are big fans of buffalo recipes because of you. Thanks!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for your business; we are so pleased our easy buffalo recipes
& our 100% grassfed bison meat have made you big fans!! Thanks for your nice comments!

April 2005 - Nadja - Stockton, California

What a wonderful site you have! Well done... Educational and colorful, my favorite site.
Though I am not sure yet on eating Buffalo. Good Luck & God Bless!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We appreciate your email about our website and encourage you to try
buffalo. It is a delicious red meat (slightly sweet and not at all gamey); and it's very nutritious
(high protein / low fat).

March 2005 - V. Kutscher - Jacksonville, FL

Your website is GREAT - far more professional than the other sites I've seen for Buffalo.
I'm looking forward to learning more & trying your product!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We are happy to serve you our 100% grassfed buffalo meat,
and very happy you enjoyed our website! - Thanks!

February 2005 - T. Jansson - Sweden

Thank you for your heartwarming willingness to share all that you know with the rest
of the world. I wish you all the best and all the luck in the world!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks - we'll take all the well wishes & good luck we can get!

January 2005 - L. Sutherland- Denver, Colo.

I cannot tell you how much I love your buffalo meat. I can't eat beef and haven't
had red meat in years. I am so excited to discover I can eat your buffalo meat.
I'm eating it all the time!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank you for sharing your love for our grassfed buffalo meat.
We do find many non-meat eaters, are very pleased with our product, when they return
back to eating red meat. Thanks Again!

December - 2004 - Sophie - Quebec, Canada

I'm involved with textiles... I'd really like to gather wool without harm to the buffalo.
Is that possible? I'd appreciate any info you could give.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Well, we use " street sweeper brushes" in the pasture,
and then collect it for the kids that visit the ranch. Good Luck!

November - 2004 - CJ - Texas

What an interesting & informative website. Thank you for all the hard work done for the public.
I am writing to inquire about the 4-H buffalo program you have set up. If you would share
any information, I would be most appreciative.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: The program consists of 3 units. It's a hands-off program (like a
horseless horse). We hope to have the printable pdf on the web very soon, in the meantime,
send your mailing address and we'll mail you a copy. (Kids & their parents love the program!)

October - 2004 - Scott Howard, CO

Found you on the web, ordered a large sampler box and have loved every minute of it!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks... We aren't surprized that you loved it!

September 2004 - Jeff Brandon, CO

We buy your meats every Saturday at the market. We made rubens out of the brisket for
easily the best sandwich every created! Thank You!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank you very much for your business! We'd love to get your
brisket sandwich recipe to try and to share with our other customers!

August 2004 - Cynthia Pring, CO

Both children I sent meat to called today and were thrilled!!! Let me know when you are
coming through for our Home Delivery.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Cynthia - thank you for your kind comment and continued business!
See you next week for your Home Delivery!

July 2004 - Jan Rabern, CO

Growing up, I was never really interested in beef (burgers, steaks, roasts, etc.). and I have
easily gone a year without eating beef. Then I learned about BUFFALO! I visit the Cherry Creek
Farmer's Market weekly for my buffalo. I can't believe I'm eating steaks once a week! They are
like little bites of heaven! Thanks for providing me with a great tasting alternative to beef!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Jan, happy customers like you are why we do what we do!

June 2004 - Kris Lee, CO

I want to tell you how pleased I am with the Buffalo Skull I bought from you to paint.
It is hanging in the Ranch House Gallery in Frisco, CO. Most people are surprized that it
is so huge and perfect! I'll be buying more!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Super! We love it when our customers are pleased! We'll do our best
to try to see it before it sells. It sounds wonderful!

May 2004 - Don Davis, AZ

I've been researching buffalo in hopes of someday owning my own. What is the most
important thing you advise newcomers?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Our main suggestions (1) visit our (frequently asked questions)
FAQS Page! (2) do lots of research on buffalo (the animal), as well as land (specific to your area);
and the industry. (3) visit with lots of people who "raise buffalo for a living" (4) like for any business
have a business plan (complete with funding and marking plans) and (5) join your the nearest
bison association.

April 2004 - The Phillips, CO

Your Tri Tip recipe in the cookbook is delicious. We really enjoyed the mandarin
oranges and the teriyaki flavor.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks - we love this recipe too, and it will be part of a
special grilling edition of the Bison World Magazine. For for bison month (July).

March 2004 - Scott Horton, Kennewick, WA

I found you throuhg Google... I think you have a GREAT WEBSITE!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank you for your nice comment about our website (we do work on it)
and Thank You Google for all the wonderful internet traffic sent to our website.

February 2004 - Lisbeth Grossmann, Denmark

I am a teacher. Thank you for the Bison Reader.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank you for your committment to education and for including
our bison reader and bison information for your students. Glad you found us!

January 2004 - Sandy Newton, Washington

Our daughter sent us a buffalo meat gift from you, and it was the Best Christmas Gift
; and my husband says the BEST MEAT EVER!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We are glad your like it and per your request, we are sending you
some brochures for you and your friends. Call anytime to place your future order.

December 2003 - Dr. Kline - Tufts University

Questions about your buffalo skulls - What is (1) the typical distance between the tips
of the buffalo horns? (2) the length? (3) the depth?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Measuring about a dozen skulls, they are 20-26" widest point
(middle of the horn), 19-22" tip to tip, 11" between the eyes, 27-28" from bottom (jaw area)
to horn tip. PS - Thanks for your order, I am sure your students will learn from the skull!

November 2003 - Janice Armstrong, East Coast

I just thought I'd say "thanks" for the information you posted about the evolutionary steps
of the bison-bison. I love your site - good luck to you and your enterprises!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for the well wishes (can always use them)... We saw a lack
of information about bison (inclusing evolution), which is why we included it and other
educational items in our website; so we are glad you were able to learn from them... but
more importantly - we'd like to return the good luck wishes to you!

October 2003 - Krissa Johnson-Sotomayor, Chef

I am so impressed with your story and have great respect for your approach to life! Are
you working with suppliers (i.e. Whole Foods)? I have several clients who need to follow a
low-glycmic diet and buffalo would be an ideal protein to introduce to them. Thanks!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: So glad that you understand and support our approach. We are not
working with big food stores, as they work with the big commercial buffalo suppliers... but
we can ship our grassfed buffalo meat anywhere in the US and would be glad to serve you!

September 2003 - Joan Hicks, LaVeta, CO:

Saw you and your great recipes today (on 9 News)... glad we were watching & caught your act.
Your website is fantastic!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Your words are kind - Thank you! Keep visiting our website for more
great buffalo recipes, and keep watching 9 News (as we'll be back again soon preparing
easy and tasty buffalo recipes, from our family cookbook).

August 2003 - Nancy McReynolds, Littleton, CO:

Saw you on Channel 9. We really enjoy eating Bison (it's great for my hsuband's heart health).
So far I've only done burgers, tacos, meatloaf & steaks, - so I am looking forward to trying
some of your crockpot recipes! Do you regularly go to Farmers Markets? If so, when & where?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Glad you were watching 9 News to see some of my easy bison roast
recipes. Stop by the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market (Colorado's Biggest & Best Market)
Wed or Sat mornings & I'll be there to serve you! Keep eating Heart Healthy Bison Meat!

July 2003 - Bryce Olson, Lubbock, Texas:

Do you have a screen saver with the pictures of your animals?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Not quite yet, but we are working on both a screen saver and some
limited edition prints of some of our best and favortie buffalo photos.

June 2003 - Thomas Walczak, Colorado:

I'm checking on the order for my Grandma & Grandpa. Thank you so much! You people are so nice!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: No problem. It's our pleasure to serve you/your Grandparents.
And, we appreciate your business!

May 2003 - Christopher Andrews (The Saucy Gourmet):

I checked out yourwebsite. It looks great. Lots of information and good photos. Great Job!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank You! We also love the great sauces from The Saucy Gourmet!

April 2003 - Jeannie, CA. via the WEBSITE:

Your website looks great. I took some recipes!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks & Great! We are pleased you like our website and know
you will like our easy and delicious buffalo recipes!

March 2003 - Dan, from MA. via the WEBSITE:

What is the difference between a bison and a buffalo?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Nothing. Bison is the scientific name (really bison-bison),
while buffalo is the common name. Think of it like canine and dog or feline and cat.
For more general information please visit our FAQS (frequently asked questions) page.

February 2003 - Phil Miller, via the WEBSITE:

You are the only company I know that makes breakfast sausage; and since I can't
eat beef or pork, I want to make sure what is in your sausage.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: It's only buffalo meat and all natural seasonings.
We sell both Breakfast & Italian Sausage; in 1 lb bulk packs (no links)

Janaury 2003 - Deanna Vaughn, Elizabeth, CO:

We are thoroughly enjoying our Buffalo Sampler, and the recipes that came with it.
We haven't been disappointed with anything. Also, your website is great! Thanks!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We are so happy to hear your kind words. Thanks!

December 2002 - James Preston, Delores, CO:

Thank you for your wonderful website on buffalo. I was just researching some
information on bison antiquus. However, thanks to your site, I gained
some insight into the incredible slaughter of the buffalo in the mid 1800's.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Many are unaware of this information; which is why we share it.

November 2002 - Cathie Tokarcyk, WEBSITE:

I love your painted bison skulls. How much do they cost?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Painted skulls vary in price (depending on time);
they range from 250 to 500 (plus shipping). They are all one of a kind!

October 2002 - Ellen Brown, Manassas, VA:

I am writing to request the recipe for your Buffalo Sausage Strata. It sounds yummy
and I did not find it on your website. (I am also trying your Moist Buffaloloaf very soon).

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We plan to add this and other recipes to our website...
as soon as I have some time (in the meantime, I will e-mail it to you.)

September 2002 - Jill Conley, Oakley, CA:

Just read your Journal in Farm and Ranch. Wow! Thanks for the great story.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for your kind words. We enjoyed sharing our diary.

August 2002 - Joyce Justice, Aurora, CO:

I am from Girl Scouts Mile Hi Council and just downloaded your American Buffalo Program.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Your troop will love learning about buffalo!

July 2002 - Ellen Gilman, Denver, CO:

My husband eats your bison every day because it's tasty, low fat (healthy choice).

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for your regular business. We appreciate it!

June 2002 - Berta, Sawmill, AZ:

I am interested in a buffalo hide.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Buffalo hides (robes - with winter fur), sell for 25 sq. ft.
They run between 600 and 1,000 (depending on their size).

May 2002 - Gail Cooper, CO:

I am happy to learn you are a vendor at the Cherry Creek Farmer's Market; and I am
pleased to learn how close your ranch is to the Denver area. I would enjoy
visitng and touring it some day soon.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We look forward to serving you at the market and at one of our tours.

April 2002 - Gregory King, JAPAN:

I was doing a web search; and just downloaded your Bison Reader.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We are glad to help our international web site visitors!

March 2002 - Wayne Scott, Bozeman, MT:

I am looking for a buffalo head for my fireplace.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We sell Buffalo Head Mounts for between 1600 and 3200.
The average onesa are 1600; and we have one in stock at this time.

February 2002 - Jim Griffin, Chapel Hill, NC:

I am with the Dept. of Education, and was surfing the internet and downloaded your Bison Reader.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thanks for visiting our website. Hope you enjoy the Bison Reader!

January 2002 - Hal Schmidt, Sherwood, OR:

Do you belong to an association of Buffalo raisers?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: You betcha! We belong to the Colorado Bison Association
where Marlene is the current VP. We belong to the National Bison Association; and
several other bison organizations.

December 2001 - Scott Robison, Carrollton, GA:

Would bison do well in our climate?

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Actually there were bison (buffalo) all across North America,
so; yes bison can live in the GA climate. In warmer climates they may not grow such a
wooly coat, and they may drink more. But, they can live anywhere in the US.

November 2001 - Lori Kyte, Leesburg, VA:

I was searching the web and downloaded (as a parent) your Bison Reader.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS:Thanks for the e-mail; and enjoy the Bison Reader with your kids!

October 2001 - Robert Quimby, Franktown, CO:

I just finished the article on your ranch in the Colorado Country Life Magazine.
I am a Western artist, wondering if it would be possible to take photos
of your bison or if you could supply me with some of your great photos.
The shot on the cover is great!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Come out on one of our tours!

September 2001 - Allan Bucknell & Kim Walsch, Denver CO:

We bought your bison roast and cooked it using your Chuck Wagon Roast Recipe.
It was the most tender piece of meat ever. The best ever!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: Thank you for your kind words & your business!

August 2001 - Larry Gillians, Dillon, CO:

We had the opportunity to pick up your ground buffalo and enjoyed grilled
buffalo burgers for dinner. What a treat! Hope you'll be back at the
Dillon Farmer's Market . We are anxious to try more of your buffalo products.

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We are glad you are another satisfied customer!

July 2001 - Don Winner, Niwot, CO:

I want to thank you for the excellent tour. I expected to learn something
about buffaloes, and I certainly did that; but I came away with much more.
I especially appreciated the historical perspective, particularly as it relates
to Native Americans. And I probably wont remember the names of all the
grasses, weeds, and flowers seen on the nature walk, but "prairie grass"
will never quite look just like "grass" ever again!

BUFFALO GROVES REPLYS: We love all the tours and educational events we host
at the ranch and are so pleased when we hear our visitors appreicated it!

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