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Buffalo Groves, Inc. offers naturally outstanding bison breeding stock.
That means we are not in the overfed/overfat buffalo business.

Our animals eat our natural native prairie grasses and grow according to
nature's plan; which for you means they will not need pampering or extra
groceries when you take them home!

Our herd bulls, Noah and Goliath, have the form for their function:
siring terrific heirers, wonderful breeding bulls, and great meat bulls
(without a lot of feed). Come over and see for yourself!
Noah Two Eagles Is not
  quite 5 years old, and
   weighs approximately
    2250 pounds. He is the
    son of CBC Mandam Eagle
    & Grandson of TERB
     Sioux Eagle. He has
     great length and depth
   and a wonderful disposition;
  he's a protective sire; and
 has a beautiful massive
head. Just try to find a
better bull!
Usually Born - May
Pick Up By - Dec
Heifers & Bulls
$2000 each
Minimum 3 calves

No Other Ages Available.

View Some Calves

Prices FOB the ranch.

For more info
call 303-621-1111
or send us an e-mail

on our Q&A Page
Goliath genetics are at the ranch
but Goliath himself lost
a buffalo bull battle with Noah.
Goliath came from the famous
Wilson River Ranch in Canada.
Goliath daughters are carrying
on his genetics.
Our BREEDING COWS were all hand-selected from some
of the best bison herds, and from the National Bison Association
Gold Trophy Show & Sale. Our 1,000+ pound cows are efficient
grazers and are excellent producers. These girls have a combined
production rate, to date, of 94.8%.

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