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Winter Buffalo Robes

Buffalo Hides (hair on)
From $888 to $1038
Call to order

Buffalo Groves is the place for learning about American Buffalo and Buffalo Ranching.
Educating others about Buffalo and helping them get into Buffalo Ranching is our focus;
along with supplying quality Buffalo Breeding Stock.

We are currently CONTRACTING OUR 2015 BUFFALO CALVES (bulls & heivers) at $2000 each.
And FYI - we normally sell out, so give us a call and contract early.

We offer the best buffalo/bison Educational Materials, such as, our Bison Reader
(designed for Ag in the classroom), the Girl Scout American Buffalo Program and our
Youth Buffalo Project (used by 4-H); & we have general information on Buffalo History.

This is the only place that offers our Buffalo Groves Buffalo Ranching Guide, created
for folks interested in learning about raising buffalo. We have Buffalo Ranching Days,
(unique Buffalo Ranching Seminar), several times a year to those serious about getting
in the buffalo industry. Participation is limited and there is a fee for the seminar.

Looking for Buffalo Recipes then look no further, as Buffalo Groves offers over 60 free
on-line bison recipes.

Want to learn the difference between Grass-fed Buffalo Meat versus Grain-fed,
including Nutritional Information for buffalo meat. It's all here at Buffalo Groves, inc.

Check out our Buffalo Groves Wooly Bully Newsletter if you want to know more about
what's happening here at the ranch.

Take a few minutes to read some of our Customer Comments but save some time for
viewing pictures in our Photo Gallery of our Buffalo & our Buffalo Ranch.

Currently we have Buffalo Robes for sale (winter hides with lush buffalo fur). They
won't last. So call and order yours today.

Our committment to raising 100% Grassfed Bison in a completely natural setting is
unmatched anywhere... We are truly blessed to raise these awesome & majestic animals...
the American Buffalo.

We should also mention we have bloodhounds. These dogs are really quite amazing.
Bloodhounds are great family pets, with incredible working ability to follow a scent trail.
They are as loveable as they are comical. It's our pleasure to share a little bit with you
about Our Bloodhounds.

Thank you for visiting our family owned & operated Grassfed Buffalo Ranch. We are
honored to be the 2006 winner of Colorado Proud's Lifetime Achievement Award!

Thanks for Visiting!    Come Back Often!

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